The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Requests for change

Those who give feedback do this because they sense that a change would enhance the situation.

By giving others feedback, they are implying that the change should be with the feedback receiver. In many cases, that is how leaders help members of their team develop their skills or change their contribution to the team.

However, any feedback is also triggered by the impression the feedback giver gained himself. It can thus also be impacted by personal impressions and desires more than team needs.

One reason feedback is given is that the person giving feedback believes that the behavior they are commenting on has a cost for the person receiving the feedback. But it is just as possible that they are themselves challenged by the person’s behavior.

Feedback thus also has a component that is linked to the costs the feedback giver notices with others or experiences himself. Giving feedback always costs some effort. Such an effort will only be undertaken in the hope that it will reduce the costs experienced that lead to the feedback.

When receiving feedback leaders better pay attention to the change requested. It might only be the symptom describing the change hoped for.


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