The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Reflection and Action

These are very different processes.

They are best used when they become complementary. And yes, sometimes it’s useful to remind oneself of that basic idea.

Applying perfection to reflection is there to find all the questions to which we don’t have an answer.

Applying perfection to transition into action is there to know which questions had to be answered before acting or to set a deadline when to start.

Applying perfection to action is there to forget about all the unanswered questions and do.

Applying perfection to transition into action is there to remember all the things that worked and that didn’t work as expected. Real perfection is to be kind with oneself when deciding into which basket to put the results found. There is no win in calling something radically honest to be able to put it into the failed basket. However, it doesn’t serve generosity to put it all into the success bucket. It might be worth it to give yourself an I-don’t-know-bucket.

None of the above perfection involves being perfect.



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