The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Recognizing others and self

Yesterday I had the opportunity to give a speech in honor of one of the members of our local JCI chapter.

It was touching to see how being on stage and in the limelight was challenging for him.

As ambitious as he might be when it comes to being recognized he will almost always find a way to deviate some of the recognition he received.

While it may sound like a way to be humble and recognize others, there is a limit to it. It’s whenever being humble happens at one’s own expense.

It’s a delicate balance to find.

A balance others may actually see better than oneself. It’s easier for them as they are not questioning themselves in the same way. The story people tell themselves is often in their own way when it comes to simply noting thoughts and emotions. They use the story to judge thoughts and emotions as they pop up. This redefinition is how people create the story they tell themselves.



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