The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Reaching out

Jane was relieved.

She had reached out to share how she had been shaken by an unexpected event. A trusted coworker had suddenly left the organization and she didn’t know how.

It was clear that she understood the situation. But she grieved the loss and felt anxious as it had been so unexpected. She felt uncertain, asking herself if she could continue to trust the organization.

Connecting with the felt uncertainty and learning that there had been a thoughtful process she had been unaware of allowed her to re-establish a sense of safety and trust.

Uncertainty and trust are close friends.

The bridge between both is the ability to make sense of the situation and most often to feel heard.

But what she realized most, was how reaching out had opened the path for a meaningful conversation allowing her to move away from solving the problem on her own.

A perfect reminder in times in which remote work is close to being the norm.

It’s a time asking us to pay more attention to stay connected with others and find ways to connect with ourselves.


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