The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Pushing through discomfort

In today’s blog post Seth pointed at the relevance of getting “better at using our tools”, transforming it into a question of “how soon?”

With many of the tools and ideas appearing it is easy to step into resistance. They seem to transform our sense of feeling free and independent agents into ones being closely monitored.

Pushing through the discomfort as suggested by Seth thus implies different aspects. The one of seeing the opportunities where we can move ahead of the curve. And the ones of settling with the change as it occurs, allowing ourselves to develop a different sense of what it means to belong to a world in which complexity grows.

It also involves the choice of acceptance. There is too much happening to be able to be ahead of all the curves presenting themselves.

It helps to choose the ones contributing to our work and sense of well-being.

Becoming aware of where discomfort impacts us most tells us more about those relevant to us.


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