The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

One best way

“Believing there is one best way to structure organizations is the worst way to manage them.” – Henry Mintzberg in “Understanding Organizations …Finally!”

That is true across the various types of organizations as well as in an organization itself.

It’s true across various types of organizations as every organization is unique. It doesn’t mean that there are no similarities, but similarities are not sufficient good reasons to stick to one formula. There will always be enough variability to make it necessary to adapt the existing management to the organization’s structure and objectives.

It’s true within an organization as one would lose one’s curiosity for any change occurring within or toward an organization. It is also true as believing that there is a best way would lead to an endless quest for perfection of the existing management.

Thus, the assumption of the existence of “one best way” either leads to a constant movement of reorganization or a stillstand. There is no movement with omnipresent change. It is either denying it or amplifying it.






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