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The whole & its parts

On-demand everything

Platforms and consequently the idea of being able to receive everything on a click is one of the major trends that emerged since the internet grew on us.

It’s for example the possibility to ask Siri for the age of a famous tennis player and immediately receive her answer. It is the number of things we can order from wherever we are. It is the communities that are being built up to help people achieve a goal.

And now it is work-from-home that adds itself as a new variant of a platform. Organizations step up to create processes allowing to distribute work without the need to meet in person to decide on the tasks and share them.

The on-demand-everything trend transforms the way we can learn all the details relevant to our endeavors. With most of the information available online, there is less felt need to ask others and converse with them.

It also means, that there is a major shift in responsibility going on. For many platforms, it has been hidden in the terms of service, but this only works for the services that are being provided. It’s a method that can’t be used for people coordinating their work. Whenever making decisions and executing the work become more of a solitary task, responsibility grows on the individual. At the same time, the challenges to achieving the organizational goals grow.

Occasions to share experience and getting to questions are shifted by platforms from a state of easily accessible to one of having to make a conscious effort to create them.



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