The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Noticing thoughts

What is your relationship with your thoughts?

Some people will assume that they are their thoughts. Others will assume that they have thoughts. Yet others will assume that their thoughts are given to them.

And maybe it doesn’t matter as there is another question. Can you notice your thoughts?

The ability to notice thoughts creates the possibility to respond to them and thus to the situation.

We can only notice something if we allow ourselves to have some distance from what it is we are observing and noticing, which means that we are not attached to it at the moment of observation.

Whenever we are able to notice a thought, it becomes possible to decide if we have to consider it or not. However, when we see the thought as a representation of ourselves, we have been triggered by the thought into believing it to be true.

Our presence to the situation and our awareness that a thought can be noticed creates the opportunity to see where the thought comes from. Once the thought then becomes visible it becomes possible to decide how we relate to it.

A way to see it is to assume that a thought is a reaction to the situation we are experiencing.

The best way to prevent it from happening is to assume we must be able to always notice thoughts.

The reality is that it takes practice.



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