The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

When minds connect

There are so many facets to the post Seth shared today. One is, almost ironical, as his post is short and funny. At least until it starts to sink in.

There is a reason we will easily share the short and funny things and will avoid sharing the complex, useful and thoughtful things. The thing is, that reason is a misunderstanding.

The one thing we crave for as human beings is connection. At the same time, it often is the thing we fear the most. The tension is the hope that the connection will bring what we are hoping for.

When we share the more complex things we found useful and started to think about we are vulnerable. We’ve shown something others might not be interested in, we search for a thoughtful reaction, one allowing to connect minds and build something bigger than ourselves.

What we fear is to have no reaction at all. Without reaction, no connection.

What we miss, is that the short and funny thing we’ve shared did nothing else than create a contact.

We confuse it with connection.

Showing up with something worth connecting is hard work.


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