The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Managing change

Managing change means two things at the same time.

It’s the acceptance, that the situation is as it is.

The many reasons which lead to this situation are far less important than acknowledging that it is as it is. That people feel as they feel. That people see it as they see it. That people act as they act. That situation is as it works for them at that moment. For those in the situation, it is what they experience. It is their reality.

It’s being willing to change it.

Accepting a situation as it is, is independent of its evaluation. It’s caring for those in that situation and being willing to help. But it starts by seeing where they are. The ability to see where they are helps to meet them there and to see what change is possible from there. Bringing change then means to be willing to move into a partnership with the other. Making sure, that they can own the change they will experience and create.








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