The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Making it personal

When decisions are made it’s easy to become disappointed if the decision isn’t the one we would have hoped for.

But, the diversity of opinions is the essence of a community. And it’s the task of those in charge to make a decision.

If the decision is to serve the community it will naturally disappoint some, please others and leave others without opinion.

This isn’t new.

What’s changing is, how difficult and challenging it has become to make these decisions. Less because of the complexity of the situation than because of the noise.

The noise which is appearing is most often about the person who made the decision. It rarely is about the decision itself.

When discussions become personal, people easily feel attacked and judged. They search for ways to protect themselves. It leads to a shortcut. They stop listening, When they don’t hear, it’s easier to assume that they are alright.

Meanwhile, the noise becomes noisier and more personal. Because now for people it becomes about not having been heard nor seen.




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