The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Magical thinking

An exchange on Facebook highlighting what the author perceived as a growing split in society reminded me of the diversity in society as well as its common grounds.

The author shared his concerns on the shift in language that happens when people get frustrated and unload their frustration onto others through aggressivity. The people huddling in that thread remained in his tone of voice, seeking to join him in his approach, appreciating a moment of rest from the overall tension.

And yet, they too were struggling with the situation.

They were looking for a solution to it. They too actually wanted the situation to simply go away.

What struck me most, was the 100%-approach they were taking.

One of the participants questioned if it was right to accept the situation as is, to which another brought the need for tolerance in a diverse society. Leaving it at accepting the situation as is.

Another participant focused on government and what he perceived as a lack of dialogue. Taking this perceived lack of action as a reason to accept the situation as is.

Both had found others who needed to change and made this a reason why the situation wouldn’t change. Seeing the potential for their own contribution was too daunting in that moment.

Empathy is hard.

Seeing the others where they are. Accepting that their frustration makes it hard for them to see beyond it. Acknowledging that they are doing what seems to them to be the right thing.

Empathy is hard.

Seeing oneself and what is available to us. Accepting that it can only reach as far as we can reach. Acknowledging that it takes time.

Doing the right thing comes with showing up. Day after day.

It comes with seeing potential. Day after day.

When results become visible it only seems like a miracle. It has been there all the time.


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