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The whole & its parts

Looking good

It may seem to be the same thing, but it isn’t. Delivering something that one can be proud of is different from what one does to look good.

The latter is a short-term goal in the moment. The former is a long-term objective that is sought out.

When seeking to look good, it is others who serve as a reference. It implies that satisfaction is outside of one’s control and needs to come through others. Satisfaction not only depends on criteria defined by others but also on their willingness to provide accurate feedback.

Being proud of something one does is based on choices one has made. These choices put one’s ability to be satisfied with the result within one’s control. It doesn’t mean that the result will always lead to satisfaction, it only means that the criteria determining satisfaction are known and can be adapted to one’s ability or ambition.

In both cases, there will be people who are appreciative, who don’t care, and who don’t like what has been achieved.

The funny detail: it’s more probable to look good when one is proud of oneself.



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