The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

When desire outweighs reason

“Our propensity to make an error of judgment is directly proportional to how desperate we feel in our quest for the outcome of the moment.”

It often works like a hook. There is a request or an offer that doesn’t seem to have any strings attached to it. But it opens up an opportunity that hasn’t been there before.

Once the person is hooked on this opportunity, the next step can lead to a slippery slope.

One after the other small steps happen, but none seem to be a problem in the given situation. It’s only a little step further. One after the other, small requests to adapt here and there appear and are acknowledged.

That is until everything seems to become awkward. Even saying no to the next request. Having said yes to the previous ones, it seems strange to refuse the next one.

Having said yes to the previous requests, the desire transforms and slowly has become a desperate quest for the outcome. Having adapted several times, it becomes important to have been right or to have said yes that many times for a good reason.


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