The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Letting it in

Predictability is rare these days. It’s clear that tomorrow will come. What’s not clear, is how next week will look like.

The last few weeks saw many questions come up, as countries gradually move out of lockdown.

The attention has shifted from a global threat to very acute personal needs. How to get a haircut being one of the funnier ones.

This lack of predictability also brought a gift. It might not be the easiest one to bear, but it’s real. It’s the present. As planning doesn’t take up as much of our resources a usual, we are left to deal with the things happening now.

It’s showing us how we react to the present, not only the present situation.

And we can’t run away from it. Neither in plans for next week nor in our many abilities to distract us from what is happening.

Sure, we might be able to do as usual and manage ourselves, getting back on track when the present pulls us out of our track. But that’s hiding from ourselves. It’s avoiding to see what we are experiencing. While that allows us to act matter of fact, it also prevents us from seeing how our own world is reorganizing itself. By working hard to keep things as they have been, we let go of the opportunity to prepare ourselves and use the path our current experience is showing us.

It would mean to accept the sense of confusion we experience from not knowing how to prepare ourselves and sit with it.

The work isn’t to know what will come, it is to be prepared for what is to come.


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