The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Learning from mistakes

This weekend I practiced a bit. My idea was to get a better view of how the curve of the ball is impacted when I hit it with the club. I decided to test it by only changing one detail: the position of the ball. Everything else was to be left to my hope that the swing would be regular. A subsequent goal was to get a better feeling of what ball position works well for me.

I started with some standard positions until I decided to explore the places that were off. The point was to deliberately choose a place I knew not to be a good position.

I loved it.

Those mistakes taught me a lot about the curves a ball can take and why. And the more I tried, the more I captured how that shot felt.

In trying to make things right, there is only one result that counts.

By willingly exploring other possibilities I learned much more about how right feels than by sticking to trying to make it right. It’s a practice where you know that the result will not be what you ideally want to create. It frees the mind to be curious about the result.

Life is no different. Business is the same.

Search for experiments that help you be curious about the outcome.




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