The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Learning is creating, creating is learning

And yet, creating isn’t the same thing as learning. They are two different processes, but they belong together.

I was reminded of this when reading Seth Godin’s post inviting to distinguish between creating and analyzing.

In the Akimbo Workshops learning is a very different experience from the one we have been used to. Moving away from the idea that there is one right answer to know and be able to restitute at a test, the workshops build on our individual work and experience.

Naturally, we get food for thought with a prompt and often a video in which Seth shares a concept, a story or an experience. The prompt is the invitation to take the ideas and connect them with our own work.

That’s where the learning starts.

Those who take up the opportunity to connect the learning with their own work and do so with curiosity start to discover the material. They take up to describe how to apply the material to their work. They move into the learning process by creating a first draft. It’s a blueprint of a plan and the Akimbo way to step into the creation process.

That’s where the learning gets going.

Once we’ve shared that first draft, members of the cohort join in and contribute. They ask questions, share ideas or encourage the next step.

That’s where the learning gets validation.

Combining one’s own learning with the comments others made transforms our learning. It makes it incredibly rich. Seeing our creation process with other eyes as well as with our own builds the confidence to move on. It eases our ability to choose our path.

It’s by settling into the learning process, leaning into the steps one by one, creating and sharing work with others that we discover what we actually want to create.

Drip, Drip, Drip.



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