The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts


It’s easy to judge other people and humans do that all the time. It’s also easy to judge those who judge others.

Neither of which is particularly helpful when they happen within a relationship.

When team members judge other team members they are telling the other person, how well they are functioning within the team. It is sharing an assessment if that person belongs or doesn’t belong to the team. It is a signal that membership is conditional and thus a threat.

This might sound a bit harsh. That’s because we are so used to experiencing group pressure. It feels as if what we are used to is also right. Actually, it simply is a habit.

The challenge with habits is that we regularly fall back into the habit even when it isn’t helpful.

There is one instance in which judging is useful. That’s when it is the result of a decision. When there was a reason to question membership and when the person making the judgment call has the authority to execute the decision.

This means when a person decides on his membership to the team or when the leader evaluates a person’s membership in the team. The judgment leads to the decision to leave or stay.

Using or implying a judgment in other situations creates confusion if not anxiety in the team.


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