The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Is and should

There are two ways to look at the events and things around us. There is the option to see what should be there. There also is the possibility to see what is.

Both are valid and useful options.

It is what we do with them, that requires our attention.

Our ability to see something that should be there is also our ability to see a change we can make happen. Our ability to see the situation as is is its counterpart.

Seeing both allows a sound assessment of what it takes to make that change happen and thus if it is feasible within the desire time frame and with the accessible resources.

Sticking to either of both views however is what people use to leave the situation as is. It is assuming that others need to make the change happen or that one can’t contribute to it. In that case, however, the situation is being described it is only done to let go of the pressure. It is a way to generate some kind of relief.

That’s fine too. If one lets oneself be relieved before moving on. However, most of the time it is a loop that is being regularly revisited.


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