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The whole & its parts

In Doubt

A detail I always find very confusing is how social media invites people even more than in real life to speak or write as if they would be able to describe what others have to do to do it right.

One of the ways I react to this is by regularly mentioning limitations. That is, for example, by using a word like “regularly”.

To me, it means that have the intention to pay attention to the limitations of my knowledge but also know that I can forget it and occasionally write as if there were none.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t know what is beyond the limitations or that I have no doubts about what it is I’m writing about.

It’s there because I believe that the ability to doubt has the potential to be destructive just as much as constructive. However, there is an important difference. If I doubt myself, I may find myself to be at risk and will seek to protect myself. If I doubt my opinion or what I know I can step into curiosity and be vulnerable.

It can be tricky to learn to discern both.

But I found it a valuable path to take because I also learned that people who don’t seem to doubt themselves can invite me to doubt myself. And that doesn’t help me or us.




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