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The whole & its parts

I’m not creative

Clients sometimes come up with an idea of what they are not. For some, when confronted with the need to develop a strategy it is that they don’t see themselves as visionary. For others, who find themselves dealing with a need to write a text or create an image, they may come up with a reaction of not seeing themselves as creative.

It’s a way to look at themselves that is focused on the outcome of their doing. It is a perception that is based on the idea that their doing will lead to a sense of heightened being. As if happiness or some other form of satisfaction should be the result of what they do.

But that’s not how a process unfolds. There are moments in which everything seems to be clear, moments of feeling stuck, and others with varying degrees of confusion and fuzziness.

There is a big difference between feeling creative and being creative.

When a process becomes a practice, trust installed itself and the client’s relationship with the experience of the process itself shifts. There is trust in the idea that the chosen process is the one that serves our creativity. This trust is what enables us to regularly come back to the process. And doing so as well as being present to the process shows one’s respect for the practice.

Stepping into the process means to be creative. It doesn’t depend on a feeling that comes and goes. In one moment, one may feel creative and see that feeling disappear in the next moment. We can know that we won’t always live up to our expectations, ideas, or dreams. And we may even realize that we’ll never come up with the design, the idea, the product we’ve believed ourselves able to create.

It is the attachment to achieving a specific outcome that holds us back.

By sticking to the process, we are creative.



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