The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

If only they could change

To achieve a result one can do the work oneself.

It is also possible to tell someone else exactly how to do it.

An alternative is to share a clear image of what it is one wants to achieve and to let the other person do it by themselves.

At its start, it requires imagining something in such a way that it can be shared. Once shared it implies letting the other one do the work as they understood it. And last but not least, it means to take the result as it has been achieved and not how one had imagined it.

If there is disappointment that the result doesn’t correspond to the imagined one, it becomes a challenge to accept that getting there was based on one’s leadership.

A convenient choice in such a moment to look at how the other needs to change.

The more realistic one is to consider that it is normal that different people do things differently.

Delegating is not only the art to share what is to be achieved but also knowing how closely the creative process needs to be monitored. What both are working on, is on creating a common result.

Leadership means knowing when one has to let go of one’s idea and when one has to hold on to it.

Even, if one ends up telling the other exactly what to do it isn’t there to change the person. That will only happen if the person chooses to. Betting on this to happen is choosing hope as a strategy.


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