The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

There are ideas …

There are ideas others have had and we appreciate. These are the ideas on which we can build new ideas.

There are ideas we’ve been developing over time. These are ideas we have integrated by taking up ideas and connecting the dots with other ideas.

There are ideas we’ve shared. These are ideas others can take up to transform their work. It’s a way for us to have an impact.

There are ideas which come to us out of nowhere. These are ideas which seem brilliant to us until we seek to describe them. It’s the ideas which are the hardest to work with. They require our confidence. They need our persistence to find a way to describe them. They demand our ability to discriminate between those we continue to build and those we let go. They build on our professionalism to share them until others can understand them. They take our patience until they become appreciated by others.


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