The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

How markets transform themselves

When there is a demand for something one can expect that there will be someone somewhere who will work on creating an offer for that demand. It doesn’t matter where this demand emerges. Someone’s imagination of something he’d like to have can turn into something he’ll offer. Which in turn can create a demand.

Thus, what’s probably more interesting, is how the game is being played and how it evolves.

Some demands disappear after a while.

Other demands transform the game and the circumstances under which it is being played.

No one invented the desire for news, it is embedded in being a member of a group.

What changed were the ways news is being spread and the speed at which it happens. From a time in which people needed to travel for news to reach others, we’re in an era in which it can almost travel at the speed of light.

Then the size of the audience changed as well as the scope of available news. From a time in which people needed to assist at the event to become aware of the news, we’ve reached an era in which anyone connected to the internet can be informed at the same time.

There was a time when news needed to be selected according to relevance to be attractive to an audience, now it is the availability at one’s fingertips that is the way news is selected.

With news selected according to relevance, the source of the news was important and people were willing to pay others for exactly that reason. As immediacy became the way the information game can be won, the quality of the source lost its position on the list of priorities.

Members of the audience accepted the responsibility to select news on their own and determine its quality without any filter.

It triggered the idea that one needs to react to the constant availability of new news. With the desire to be able to stay on top of the situation, people adapted to the frequency at which news is served. Taking in news at any time of the day became the new normal.

Going a step further, the assumption that one needs to react to important events in the world and take position seems to become the next normal.

DIY journalism as an invitation to become DIY everything.


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