The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Getting to knowing

Observing is there to create knowing by taking up facts. People take in existing information in a given moment without changing anything. The ability to take in the information depends on the tool used to collect the information. Repeating an observation will generate the same information.

Experience is there to create knowing based on changing things. There is a before and an after, people did something and care about the difference, the impact, or the outcome of their action. Repeating an experience never creates the same result. Instead of certainty of outcome, there is only a probability.

In the first case, thinking can lead to a verifiable conclusion. In the second case, thinking can only lead to a new experiment in which a new experience can validate the thinking.

Everything else is imagination, interpretation, or fantasy.

As much thinking people may want to do, whenever the point is to change something, it is the doing that brings a change.

Which is a reminder that there can be no expectation to be able to do it right.

But engaging in it allows for the possibility to be able to do it better than before.

However, this rarely works out like that if one expects an outcome.



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