The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

From investment to attachment

Whenever people envision a result, they can become attached to achieving it.

However, an attachment can only be fulfilled if they invest themselves in achieving the outcome.

It is the balance between investment and attachment that will determine the success of the project.

Being overly attached to the outcome will make it impossible to measure the existing potential. The investment may then lead to trying to achieve an impossible task. Without little attachment to the outcome, the investment that will be generated will rarely suffice to reach the outcome.

Motivation may not always be the cause of too much or too little. Attachment behavior and one’s lack of trust in the presence of a secure base may impact the situation as much.

What John Bowlby described as a secure base is the sense of having a point or place that one trusts in. It re-establishes a sense of security when one comes back to it and invites one to go out and explore other areas once the connection has been verified.

The presence of such a secure base can transform one’s attachment behavior.


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