The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Flavors of control

In essence, there are two approaches to controlling the situation.

The first requires preparing as much as possible. It is based on anticipating everything that may happen and making sure that one has thought of an answer for everything beforehand.

Those choosing such an approach will find it very difficult to deal with anything that wasn’t expected. It risks creating the sense of being unprepared and thus at fault when it happens.

The second approach relies on one’s ability to react to events as they occur. The ingenuity is independent of the preparation as it is based on the ability to always find a way out when something unexpected happens.

Those preferring this approach will not care much about preparation as it would actually reduce the opportunities to react they look for.

It’s not a question of avoiding the work, it is a question of when and how one likes to do the work. One may guess that the first approach leads to a lot of work being done unnecessarily as it will not be used. In contrast to this, the second approach will lead to a lot of unnecessary work as there is less time to think things through. It means, for example, that things that one could have brought along may then have to be organized on the spot. It avoids doing things that won’t be used, but it often complicates individual tasks.

The mix of both can do without control.

It uses the ability to enable oneself to do the task through practice and preparation. It relies on the fact that building the fundamentals and allowing oneself to build the experience creates flexibility in dealing with the different situations. And it assumes that having that flexibility contributes to stability in the belief that new situations will only teach something new. That’s when preparation is part of moving into action and simply needs to then be present to that action.

It’s an experience that teaches how being present is incompatible with control.


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