The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Fading away

As time passes memories are transformed. The bad ones slowly disappear, the good ones are becoming better.

Current events have more importance, take more space. What’s important now needs to be addressed. Things important in the past seem to be resolved and lose importance.

It’s a process of things fading away we are accustomed to. It’s there to help us deal with our experiences, the ones we liked just as well as the ones we disliked.

But it’s also a process which is handled by our unconscious. It’s automatic.

It fails us whenever we forget to set our priorities right.

If we don’t realize the importance of learnings done in the past we forget it and open doors to repeat the mistakes others did in the past. As known values start to fade away old challenges reappear. Among these: skepticism of vaccines and reappearance of anti-Semitism.

But fading away isn’t solely about the past, just as important are the daily opportunities. They are the place where we decide what we’ll pack into the fading away category and what we’ll attend to. The later is where we intend to create new memories, keep friendships alive, let go of hassles keeping us connected with past failures.

Building our future is up to us.


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