The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Doing the expected

When people set out to be positive and contribute with the good things they are doing and seeing, they concentrate on an image of results they have to create.

It can lead them to the tremendous pressure of needing to achieve the results they imagined. It’s a pressure that easily becomes too high and leads to defense mechanisms.

Instead of investigating the work being done, the result is reviewed based on its positivity.

Along the way, it transforms itself from something specific to something positive.

It’s a transformation that makes it incredibly difficult for the team members to follow. The description of the work being done becomes vague and the team will find it increasingly difficult to know what the person is doing. Or to see how that person contributes to the team results. Even more so, if the idea of reaching something positive makes it impossible for them to question the work done.

Creating something positive has become an armor. An armor making it impossible to take a critical look at the result. Having done something positive, the idea that something could have been better disappears.


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