The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Execution and Result

The execution is the journey. The result is where one arrives.

And, depending on how one interprets it. The result is where one arrives through one action.

Playing golf, this could either mean where the ball arrives based on one’s swing, or it could mean the speed, direction, and spin the ball has once it leaves the club face. And yet others will see it as the score they have once they finished playing the last hole.

The broader the perspective, the harder it is to see how the result came about. The more specific the perspective, the better one’s understanding of the existing execution, but the less visibility there is on its impact on the result.

Most games make it easy to know a result. It’s the score and sometimes who won.

But who won, or even the score is only the information for those who don’t understand the rules nor know how the game is played.

The person who is doing the playing will look for a different insight. He will have his chosen measurements that are based on what he is trying to achieve. Tiger Woods seems to focus on his level of attention when he reviews his games. He will for example monitor the number of times he needs more strokes than the hole asks for or how often he will need more than his usual number of putts.

Organizations call these stats KPIs.



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