The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Engaging responsibility

Anytime there is a relationship, power is involved.

How could It be different, when we have the “birth right to exercise power over our own life” as Oscar David describes it in his book “the integrity of power”? It means that whenever we exercise our power it will impact others.

For some it is a pleasure, for others, it is a challenge to use this power that is given to us. It leads us to become who we are. The choice we have, however, is to use it to become the person we were meant to be and enable us to serve others.

The way we exercise power determines the freedom we have. And as Viktor Frankl put it, ours is the possibility to keep this freedom under any circumstances, even the most difficult ones.

What this doesn’t mean, however, is that it will always be easy or convenient. Nor that it will always be just like we would like It to be.

It leads to the other lens of how we use our power. Liberty is earned. It becomes our opportunity to exercise influence.

As much help as we may receive from others, the foundation is the way we take up our power.

It very much depends on who we make responsible for who we are and where we are. But also how we engage in our relationships and experience the respective power as it plays out.

It may help to note, that this is not about having everything we want.


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