The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Easy comments

Politicians claim their ambitions. Social media users seek to establish a movement. Elections are held. Politicians search for answers. Social media users transform their frustration into aggressive comments.

The scheme continues to repeats itself. It’s a ritual and it transforms culture.

It’s a continuous process to which everyone contributes, day by day, post by post, comment by comment.

One of the shortcuts regularly emerging from this process is sarcasm. In contrast to face to face conversation, sarcasm on social media is easy. It’s rare that anyone contradicts. It makes it easy for others to chime in and it gives all those involved the feeling of superiority.

It’s an easy way to put oneself into the camp of those who won.

But it’s destructive.

The goal of sarcasm is to create pain and does it by pushing shame. Those willing to be politicians can try to be blameless. The bulletproof approach could be to be shameless.

Consider the impact of easy comments.







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