The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Double door

Change is constantly present. There are the changes which happen over centuries, as for example, the climate changes the earth experienced. There are the shorter ones, like the change of seasons or the change of day and night.

We experience them all with a different awareness. And when they are cycles which happen regularly we are used to them. We’ve got to remember that they actually are changes. We’ve got so accustomed to them, that they serve us as structure, helping us to feel stability in our lives.

Other changes are expected and yet they either create excitement or disturb us. They are changes we are looking forward to like the birth of a child or buying the next version of our favorite tool. It’s changes that come in the wrong moment or we don’t want. The software upgrade at the moment you start a presentation, the loss of a friend.

And then there are also the little things, like writing a blog post. It involves a few changes, getting started, writing, posting.

Change is going from one state to another. It’s a transition.

To achieve change, our work is to create a transitional space. A space helping to go from one state to another.

Nature often shows us how important it is.

When under water, you can’t leave the submarine without passing a transition space guarded by two doors. It’s the same in space.

When meeting others, it is greeting one another and starting the conversation with some small talk. Having this transition opens the door to move towards the goal of that meeting. It gave all the participants the time to check in and grasp the situation.


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