The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Doing nothing

If one thinks about it, doing nothing isn’t possible.

Human beings constantly do something.

And maybe that is what can be so confusing about the difference between doing and being.

Human beings breathe, see, hear, feel, touch, taste, sleep, move, drink, etc.

All activities that rarely require our attention. In most cases, we simply assume that these activities will happen as we are used to. There is no doubt that we can do them. There is confidence that they will be there with us when we need them.

That is until something makes us aware of how much we are used to them as they are.

We may sometimes not even need to set an intention to get them started, it just happens.

And yet, our appreciation and impression of them change when we are present to them.

They are part of our being.

What is doing then?

And how is control different from doing?

As we get used to our competence and the one of our teams, confidence establishes itself.

We’ve learned to adapt that confidence to circumstances.

How do we do this with teams?


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