The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Desire or pleasure

When desiring something, it all is still “ahead of us”. A desire being a strong feeling that leads to people striving to attain or obtain something that feels with reach.

It is the starting point of a journey that leads us through a variety of experiences. It involves learning and transforming oneself, which also means meeting uncomfortable experiences on that journey. It’s where wanting something meets not having it.

Pleasure on the other hand is an activity or experience that one finds very enjoyable or satisfying. It implies that the current experience corresponds to something that is not only wanted but also available. It means that one has been able to transform the desire into something we have.

Seen from a learning point of view, then learning can either be seen as a desire to attain knowledge or it can be the pleasure to experience how learning transforms us.

The first can feel like a painful or challenging journey.

The second integrated the challenges of the journey into its essence.

It’s a simple shift of perspective, maybe not an easy one.


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