The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The default option

The sign on the door read “entering forbidden”. Its subtitle read “only for staff with a permit”.

The writing couldn’t be more clear. The main message was in the text and between the lines.

What appeared most to me, was the mindset of the author. His sign was achieving its goal as I had no inclination to enter the building. He had chosen to give priority to the negative information, that is what is forbidden. And he had kept that line of thought by continuing with naming the restrictions on the permissions.

It’s a mindset of control and restrictions.

It’s a simple choice, but it gives an insight into the culture within that building.

It impacts those who read it, it influences their decisions on how to interact and on how attractive that organization is. Those attracted probably will only be those compatible with such a mindset.

What happens if it isn’t the one you want to foster in your organization?



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