The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Deciding on the right thing

When people join a group, what they decide to adhere to is the group’s culture. It’s deciding to say, that “people like us do things like that”. It’s a conscious choice when joining a group.

It is a choice that defines what “doing the right thing” means.

It doesn’t imply that this is valid for everything the group does or where it evolves to. Which is the hard thing to remember.

The same is true for every group we are a member of, it includes the country, social system, or family we are a member of.

In all of them, we have the choice to define for ourselves what happiness and success look like for us. It’s a challenging choice to remain aware of as it seems that “everyone does things like that”.

And yet, it’s where someone once started naming what people like us means.

As society evolves there are many reasons to change that past choice.

Doing so describes how our behavior will make us recognizable.

It becomes an invitation for others to join us.

What’s right can be redefined.

We can do that.


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