The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Dealing with today

Looking at today, it is possible to see it as everything we have been able to achieve until this day.

It is just as possible to see it as everything we have failed to do until this day.

Neither perspective manages to create an appropriate description of how you experience your journey till today.

There is much more to it.

And yet, for many, as they look at today there is a painful realization that things may not be as they saw them, that their dreams may still be dreams and that what they believed to be right may not be as right as they thought.

Today is like yesterday. The difference is that it has become harder to look away.

What makes it painful is a sense of guilt.

The difference is, that today teaches us how we can also look at yesterday.

The question is how we’ll deal with this sense of guilt.

It can have the power to teach us what is important for us and what we stand for.

But often it is used to focus on blaming wrongdoings from the past as well as others.

It’s the hope that by distancing us from the problem we might end up guilt-free.

It’s the hope that being righteous can keep us blameless.

It’s the hope that the past can be changed or that others will change, leaving us alone.

It’s the hope that by blaming ourselves we’ll be redeemed.

The problem with hope is, that it doesn’t change anything. It makes guilt and the past more important than the change that can be brought to the situation. It leads to arrogance.

Sensing guilt shows that we are involved.

It’s possible to remain humble and see how we’ve been involved.

Our influence is limited, but it is there. We can’t choose if we’ll use it.

We can only choose how we’ll use it.

It’s true for ourselves. It’s true for what’s happening around us.


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