The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Consistency is key

And yet, consistency is also a myth.

I strive to write a post every day, however, there are days on which I can’t and that’s why on other days I write more than one blog post. Because, yes, I aim for a consistent rhythm of publishing one post per day.

I don’t expect that any reader has a daily read of my posts, but I still hope and aim to make all of them worth reading.

Consistency doesn’t mean perfect, nor does it mean always succeeding and doing things well.

We can create an idea that something is predictable, it adds to a sense of reliability. But the experience itself will always be different and new. It makes no sense to publish the same blog post every day. And as it will always be a different one, creating it will always feel different and only rarely lead to the dreamed outcome.

Consistency has become for me to publish something daily while knowing who it is for. I’ll learn from the process. For example, how some posts feel better than others, or how some create more reactions than I expected. But I won’t expect the writing to flow equally well for all of them.





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