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The whole & its parts

Being in charge

One of the stunning concepts around is “being in charge”.

It implies the freedom to act.

It generates the ability to set up a plan to make “whatever we are in charge of” happen.

It also means accepting the responsibility to deal with the situation we are in charge of.

What it doesn’t say is that there is an obligation to make sure an expected result happens. The nuance here is, that as we are in charge we can adapt to the situation. It is our call to know what the result can be in that situation.

Being in charge of making a sale means for example that we’ll decide if achieving the sale is beneficial for us or not. This might imply to let the client be the one who decides if our product is for her or not. It also means to lead the conversation in such a way that while we’ve shared all the relevant details of our offer we’ve also shared the information of why it might not be for them.

Being in charge means that we do what is necessary to achieve a goal we can remain proud of.

It’s stunning because it allows for an opportunity to be proud of what we do.



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