The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Certain times

One of the overused words of these times is “uncertain” usually linked with time, like “these uncertain times” or “times of great uncertainty”.

As if these times were more uncertain than usual.

It’s us who feel uncertain.

Calling the time we live in “uncertain times” is mostly an effort to discharge our feelings and emotions onto something else. As if, that would change anything about our feelings. It doesn’t. And it can’t.

Most of us have lost a huge amount of routines that are dear to us. May it be to take a morning coffee with colleagues or at a bar close by, may it be to enjoy the commute that helps to connect with work and then to disconnect from it, may it be the spontaneous exchange with others. There are many and we miss them. We miss the connections they created and we miss how they helped us to organize our days.

We could rely on them.

With them gone, the amount of things we can rely on dropped tremendously.

What’s also gone, is our sense that the future will continue to build seamlessly on the past.

What we believed to be extreme ideas became reality.

Our expectations that the future will always be better than our past disappeared. What we are experiencing now doesn’t feel better than our past. It invaded all aspects of our lives.

These times are just as certain as previous ones were.

It’s us who suddenly have to deal with many more questions than before. Including questions, we never thought we would ask ourselves.

That feels very uncomfortable.

It’s not the times.

It’s us. It’s your neighbor. It’s your family. It’s your friends. It’s everyone around us.

It makes us responsible.

It’s up to us to acknowledge our feelings.

It helps to do it before being overwhelmed by other people’s feelings.



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