The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Building reality

Looking at the different social media channels I’m using I find myself entering different worlds.

It’s more than the ideas shared, it’s also the vocabulary and the tone used as well as the way people react to one another.

Even if these will only be short moments, they contribute to shaping my view on reality.

Some channels make me wonder about the way people like to share their ideas and opinions. To a point that it might seem to be the simplest solution to stop going there.

While this might happen one day, it doesn’t seem to be the best solution.

There is a point to seeing how people interact with one another in different contexts.

Far more important are the people I surround myself with.

They are the ones with whom I’m creating my reality.

It’s worth paying attention to who they are.

It’s way too easy to find oneself be blindsided by reality.



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