The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Benefits of competition

It often is a question of how one looks at things. Actually, it is a choice based on our ability to see the other side of the medal.

There always is a first impression or a common idea which correlates with how most people think about something. The other side of the medal, then becomes how one flips things around and sets out to see beyond the general idea.

Whenever there is competition, there also is something attractive or something people want to have. It also makes it easier for people to accept that there is value in one’s service whenever more than one person is providing it. Competition will also mean, that people might already have heard about your type of service. It makes it easier for them to understand what it is you do and to start trusting you. In essence, competition validates the existence of a market.

Another advantage of competition is that it makes one’s work uncomfortable. It adds to everyone’s motivation to innovate and to serve the clients in the best possible way. It simply makes it more difficult to be complacent and easier to strive for excellence.

And done well, there is enough space to have one’s own audience based on one’s idiosyncrasy.

The simple mistake one can make is to compete against instead of competing with. It would be the assumption, that the winner takes it all. They rarely can.


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