The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Being wronged

This situation a year ago. The one you come back to because there is something so wrong with. Something didn’t go your way. Someone lied to you. Someone let you down. There are many variants to this and it’s still hurting.

Some of this hurts so much because it’s not the first time this happens. You’ve seen it happen and you can’t prevent it from happening again. It’s painful. It’s sad. And it makes you angry. You are struggling with that memory. And you are going back to it. Regularly.

You are trying to solve it on your own. That’s why you go back to it. And it doesn’t work. You only achieve to bring it back to memory and eventually repeat it.

You are hanging on to the hurt.

There clearly is a reason for it.

What is hanging on to it helping you do? What does it allow you to avoid doing?

And if you’d move on.

What permission may you need to give yourself?

Whom might you have to forgive? Someone else or yourself? Both?


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