The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Being present and serving

When I was training a train the trainer course the questions that would come up most reliably were those about difficult situations. People tended to be worried about complicated things independently of how frequent they are.

It is a natural tendency to focus on the risks more than on the possibilities. People rely on their ability to deal with standard situations. They do so by assuming, that good enough will be enough. While it is true, it also can be a pitfall to forget how preparing and serving the group can go hand in hand and transform risk into opportunity.

I couldn’t find the proper reference anymore, but it is well summed up in the following quote:

“Your responsibility is what you can do and what you can think. Give your best everywhere and always love yourself first.”

Loving oneself first is the ability to give oneself everything one can to be able to perform at one’s best. It results from care for oneself and from doing the deep work and the practice that leads to great performance.

This doesn’t change while performing.

However, that is also the time of interaction and there it is as Richard Feynman once said: “You can change someone’s life by seeing them as the best version of them.”



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