The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Asking what they want

It seems an easy question. What do you want?

But it rarely is. And that is independent of the disguise it comes in.

When asked, people tend to answer with what is on their minds at that moment.

It doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t ask it. It still has something valuable to offer, especially if there is something present. And even more so, when people got used to developing expectations and ideas they are willing to share with you.

However, it doesn’t mean that what they ask for really is what they want or what they need. Quite often what they will share is what is on top of their mind and socially acceptable in that situation.

If you want to know what they want, you’ve got to do the digging with them. Help them describe what they can see of it, learn what problem they seek to solve with it, and see how it fits into their long-term plan.

It takes time and will not be linear. And the answer you get may or may not be what you can provide. But, for a coach or consultant, it might be all that needs to be done.



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