The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

It’s the answer

Both of them looked frustrated. They had been sharing ideas and exchanging about the situation. Now they found themselves being stuck and didn’t know why.

It wasn’t the first time. Looking back they could see other situations where they had already felt like they did now.

That’s when Michael asked John “what’s happening?”

He had started to ask himself if these moments had a meaning. As he couldn’t figure it out he was becoming curious.

John’s first reaction was to start explaining what they weren’t doing right and how they should change their behavior.

Michael asked again “what’s happening?”

This time John changed his focus and started to share his concerns that Michael might not be in good shape and could need some help. He was feeling uncomfortable in the situation and was trying to find a way to solve it by showing his care.

For the third time Michael “what’s happening?”

Being frankly uncomfortable by now, John was telling Michael to stop these stupid questions that led to nowhere.

For the third time in the row, he wasn’t answering the question. He was diverting from it to get rid of it and this strange feeling he was sensing.

He had trained himself to provide answers and add value to the conversation by giving his ideas away. He had lost the sense of openness. He had forgotten what it is to share his own feelings and thoughts.

Giving others the answer had taken over. Answers had become an armor.

But answering such a question was unknown territory. It was asking John to show up.

As Michael continued to ask questions, John started to share.

Curiosity transformed the situation.


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