The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Against, alone or with

In the process of sharing our work with others, we will find ourselves talking with people who have a different approach.

A frequent reaction will be to see both as being on opposite sides. The difference in approach creates an impression of rejection, of being in opposition with one another.

In trying to persuade the other we’ll opt for logical explanations, arguments for our respective positions and a quest to win the other over.

It’s working against one another.

Seeing the reaction as opposed to our work could also result in avoiding any effort of persuasion and letting things as they are.

It’s leaving both alone.

Acknowledging each other’s difference in approach. Seeking to understand the other person position as if stepping in their shoes. Inquiring into these differences. Searching for each other’s objectives. Learning to see each other’s context.

Are all ways to work with the other.

It might take more time. It doesn’t guarantee results. It requires courage. It makes us vulnerable. IT allows us to learn from one another.

It serves two essential human needs: a connected relationship and the ability to have an impact in that relationship.

It is the only promising path.


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