The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

A Teeter-Totter

Within the quest of finding solutions, the image of a balance is a soothing one. It delivers an idea of establishing harmony and equity, of being able to be fair and give justice to all existing desires. The problem with balance as an image is that it is static. But life is dynamic. In a constantly changing environment, the desire to establish balance creates an almost impossible aspiration.

That’s because any time a decision needs to be taken the real question comes up.

A decision is forward-looking. It is there to decide the trade-offs. It looks at the things we want to do, and the ones we give up in choosing the one we’ll do.

It’s more like children on a teeter-totter. It goes up and down. It’s an interplay. It’s fun to play with the movement. It’s looking back that balance becomes visible.


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