The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

A strange place

When playing golf it is normal to find a ball here and there. Especially when searching for one’s own ball.

But there is at least one place where I don’t expect to find a ball.

It’s in the hole.

Finding a ball there triggers questions. It’s a strange situation and the mind searches for an explanation. It searches for the story as to how the ball got there and was left there.

We constantly encounter situations in which we find something astonishing. Instead of using our capacity to look into the story behind it we most often dismiss them as irrelevant detail.

In coaching these are the situations in which we’ll find the most interesting stories and explanations. These are the moments in which the coachee shares with us where and how they are different. Looking into these stories with them helps us understand where the other person wants to be met to do the work.



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